• Money Represents Value
    Money Represents Value
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    Chapter 5 tips: Set up an automatic withdrawal to your savings account. Take 50% of your raise or bonus and put it into savings. Block off two hours to create a budget and reflect on your spending habits. Whenever you make credit purchases, decide whether it’s a want or a need. Lastly, reflect on any…

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  • Get Smart About My Client
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    Tips from chapter 5: It’s important to calculate your monthly spending so you know where your money is going. 1) your monthly income 2) recurring amount spent on necessities (heating, internet etc) 3) disposable income on wants (entertainment, shopping etc). Now calculate if you spend more than you make. If you do then ask yourself…

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  • Create An Abundance Mindset
    Create An Abundance Mindset
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    Tips from chapter 5: Create an abundance mindset. We all have a Reticular Activating System(RAS) which takes the stimuli around us and let’s us know when there’s something worth paying attention to. Our thoughts program the RAS, and the confirmation bias interprets new evidence as confirmation of our existing values and beliefs. If you think…

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  • Confidence Can Be Rebuilt
    Confidence Can Be Rebuilt
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    Tips from chapter 4: I had a lot of cracks in my confidence but I was able to rebuild it by making radical changes and moving forward. You shouldn’t care what people say unless it’s accurate and relevant. It takes a lot of courage to consider constructive feedback and do something about it. Confidence can…

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  • Be In The Present
    Be In The Present
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    Tips from chapter 4: There are so many distractions surrounding us today, so it’s important to focus on the present. In order to produce quality work, you should be focusing on one thing at a time. Multi-tasking isn’t productive because you’re constantly task switching. Being present-minded is all about being present in the moment. Meditation…

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  • Self Care Goes A Long Way
    Self Care Goes A Long Way
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    Great analogies and tips from chapter 4: Imagine going on a road trip from Toronto to the West Coast in a 20 year old car. Now imagine the journey is the rest of your career and the car is your body. Your mileage(lifespan) will shorten fast if you don’t take care of yourself. The quality…

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  • Good Content
    Good Content
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    More Content From Chapter 3: Tim Urban has a blog called “Wait But Why” with a lot of helpful topics e.g how to pick a career. Marcus Buckingham has a lot of useful books on finding your strengths. Two of his books I recommend are “Now Discover Your Strengths” and “The One Things You Need…

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