Career Guidance System (CGS) overview: Details

The “Career Guidance System” (CGS) is a comprehensive “maturity model” for your career.  Take all of the self-help information you’ve seen out there and organize it in a manageable way so that you can bring FOCUS into you career and become INSPIRED.

Here’s the high level version:

CGS high level

The typical first response to the Career Guidance System (CGS) is: “Looks simple and straightforward enough”.

To which we respond with the middle level details of the CGS.

Comprehensive "maturity model" for your career

The typical next reaction is something along the lines of “OMG!  That is overwhelming!  I have not really thought about these!  I don’t have a direction, I never thought of my ‘bucket list’, let alone all the other stuff”.  This is way too much!”.

And our response is: “That’s OK.  Let’s walk through what they are and see where you want to focus.”

After some explanation, the next part of the reaction to the CGS is typically “All of this makes perfect sense and I can see a path forward.”

And our response is: “Awesome, so let’s move you forward.”

In the CGS overview sessions, we prime you with an overview of what you should be considering for your career.  Explaining the concepts within the Journey, Job Hunt, Vitals and Toolkit.  The CGS overview will be followed up with focused sessions on the area where you need the most help.  Here are some of the topics / concepts discussed at a high level.

  • Journey
    • Your “North star”, brand, purpose and definition of success
    • The “Way points” on your journey and what you’ve always wanted to accomplish
    • Setting your goals to get to your “North star” and “Way points” and achieving those goals
  • Job hunt
    • Being open to opportunities
    • Knowing what opportunities are out there
    • Staying up to date with your “administrative” items (resume, cover letter)
    • Knowing how to prepare for interviews
  • Vitals
    • Keeping savings and budgeting at the top of your mind
    • Taking care of your health by exercising regularly and eating right
    • Friends, family and having “me time”
  • Toolkit
    • Being aware and understanding that it’s your choice
    • Understanding mindsets, strengths & weaknesses
    • Building your confidence & motivation
    • Learning prioritization and time management to get things done
    • Getting the right pre-requisites for you to do what you want to do
    • Training your memory
    • Running meetings, presentations and communicating with different types of people
    • Managing people above, beside and below you
    • Building a good work ethic and reputation as someone that gets the work done
    • Serving others
    • Thinking like a Ent/Int”-repreneur”
    • Work / life: balance & integration
    • SIWIKE: Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier




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