Co-op – Your Way

Education and Meaningful Work Experience Should be Accessible to All – but it isn’t…

As much of 90% of students from post-secondary schools, graduate without any real work experience in their field (based on calculated figures from placement and student count) . This ultimately means lower employment, salaries and job satisfaction for the new graduate without a co-op or internship experience. Co-op your way is bringing the job search and interview support received by students to help them find meaningful experience before and after graduation.

Cost of Co-op Programs Can be Restrictive

Surveying available data across the GTA schools charge anywhere from $500-$1,200 per work term with an average of 3 work terms per co-op program, this means students are paying an additional $3,600 dollars on top of their already hefty tuition.

Reference:  The fee for the a comparable University co-op Program is $4312.

Co-op Your Way looks to make the support and mentoring available at economical prices that redefines the industry cost standards.

A Co-op Program Made for Students Designed by Professionals

Co-op Your Way is an industry informed co-op program that helps you plan, network, effectively apply, and interview to relevant work experience in your field. Industry professionals help you focus your career search and get the balanced perspective you need to work long-term in an industry. This means we help you prepare for job search in specific fields rather than taking a generic approach. We speak engineering, computing science, math, and creative fields to name a few. This means you get better feedback and more relevant search guidance. All at a competitive rate that helps you save money in the long run.

Placement Rates and Street Cred

Our program does not guarantee job placement but we’ve had only success since inception and aim to have a 90% placement rate for all participants. The team at Co-op Your Way comes from the countries most established co-op programs, with each team member successfully securing at least 4 co-op work terms each. After graduation our team has a combined 25 years of industry experience both in industry specific roles and involved in HR recruiting.

Value Guarantee

  • Participants of the Co-op Your Way Program pay a small deposit and do not incur any additional fees if they don’t place in a job.
  • We’re disrupting the industry by empowering job seekers, join the movement!


For all inquiries including recent graduates looking to jump start their careers, please send a brief email to