SEMINAR: 3. The job hunt | Demystified

Job-Hunt-DemystifiedUseful for:

Those who are looking to understand the job hunt process


  • Non-coop: late years (last year, second last year)
  • Also: anyone not yet comfortable with the job-hunt process


The job hunt – Demystified aims to cut through all of the vast amounts of (sometimes conflicting) information out there. The information is presented from the perspective of a recruiter and hiring manager to demystify the “black box” activities that happen after you hit the submit button on your application. By understanding what a typical recruiter does, you can make your own conclusions of what is important so you can focus your attentions appropriately.


  • Introductions and background
  • The application: applicant view –> the recruiter view
  • Interviews
  • Networking
  • Summary and next steps

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