YSA – Youth Success Academy

Youth Success Academy (YSA) is education, not school. At least not in the traditional sense.

The goal is to provide the tools, skills and experience that youth need to succeed in these ever-changing times. YSA is a complement to school, jobs and life with a curriculum to support you in:

  • Academics: school – though less about “what you learn” and more “how to learn” including:
    • Learning mindsets and perspectives
      • Growth mindset and learning unlock
      • Dealing with test anxiety, assignment overwhelm impostor syndrome for presentations, as well as motivation and procrastination
    • Memory tools and techniques [DEEPER DIVE]
      • Memory foundations: concepts, visualization,
      • Memory techniques and retrieval: memory palace (loci), pegged lists, linked lists, mnemonics and more!
    • Notetaking and studying techniques [DEEPER DIVE]
      • Cornell, mind-mapping and others
      • Pomodoro, spaced repetition
    • Time, priority and energy management [DEEPER DIVE]
      • Time management concepts
      • Priority vs energy management
      • Tools and techniques: Eisenhower matrix, model week, non-negotiable time and more!
  • Job/Work: setting you up for future success in your career including:
    • Job hunt and work experience basics
      • Job hunt fundamentals
      • Experience priorities
      • Tips and Tricks
    • Resumes with supplemental Resume Confidence Club [DEEPER DIVE]
      • Resume fundamentals
      • Resume writing priorities
      • Tips and tricks
    • Interviews with supplemental Interview Confidence Club [DEEPER DIVE]
      • Interview fundamentals
      • Interview preparation priorities
      • Tips and tricks
    • Networking and building meaningful connections with supplemental Network Confidence Club [DEEPER DIVE]
      • Networking and BMC Building Meaningful Connectionsfundamentals
      • Building Meaningful Connectionsfundamentals
      • Tips and tricks
    • Professionalism and navigating careers [DEEPER DIVE]
      • Setting expectations, running and attending meetings
      • Effective communication and conflict resolution
      • Evaluations and Promotions
  • Self: your health, which includes:
    • Purpose, direction and fulfillment for those that are lost or confused about their career or life direction
      • Concepts: The nature of work, north star, Ikigai
      • Exercises: I want, I wish, retirement memo, eulogy
      • Choosing a direction: FOMO Fear-Of-Missing-Out and the Flavour-of-the-Month
    • Physical: maintaining your body so you can tackle all of life’s challenges [DEEPER DIVE]
      • Exercise fundamental strategies and tactics
      • Nutrition fundamental strategies and tactics
      • Sleep fundamental strategies and tactics
    • Mental: managing your mind for better focus and results [DEEPER DIVE]
      • Coping with anxiety, stress, overwhelm, imposter syndrome, and other challenges Wellness Confidence Club
      • Self-awareness, self-compassion and self-mastery
    • Financial: developing good money habits and perspectives [DEEPER DIVE]
      • Concepts and perspectives
      • Budgeting and saving
      • Tips and tricks
    • Family: considering parents and cultures with high expectations [DEEPER DIVE]
    • Social: friends and significant others [DEEPER DIVE]

The workshops are meant to be bite-sized (typically 45, 60 or 90 minutes), accessible (in-person, virtual, recorded), and actionable (tactical tips and tricks with a plan of action as an outcome). We start with overview sessions for Academics, Job/Work/Career, and Self, then provide deeper dives and even deeper dives into the respective topics

Then we pair that with Confidence Club (CC) groups to provide accountability and follow up to see if you’ve taken the action you had planned!

Find upcoming YSA events here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/o/focus-inspired-21762969816