Catalyst and Accountability Services

You’re unfulfilled with what you do 9-5. You feel that you can do more. Or you’re just stuck in your career.

You could use a Catalyst to get you unstuck.

Then after finding that path and direction, accountability services will help you stay on the journey to reaching your career potential.

What you get

  • Live (in-person or skype) session for career mentor-coaching (1 hour) every 4-6 weeks (based on mutual availability)
    • Be catalyzed. Grow. Learn.
    • Set goals. Achieve.
  • Unlimited messaging AMA “Ask me anything” career related correspondence
    • Don’t hesitate to reach out
    • No question is too simple
  • Active “accountability check-ins”
    • Proactive reach out by catalyst to keep you on track with your priorities (weekly or based on agreed availability)
  • Additional access (as mutually agreed)

A la carte

$185+HST per session (1-1.5 hrs)

CAS pre-paid (4 month commitment)

$1280+HST per 4 month term (prepaid with automatic renewal, cancel with 30 days advance notice)

Contact us at

CAS pre-paid promotional pricing

Professional: $785+HST per 4 month term – That’s less than a venti featured drink a day!)

Student / seeking employment pricing: $127+HST / month with a 4 month term

Promotional pricing valid with registration before Aug 31, 2017


NEW CAS-incentivized promotional pricing

In-person/live (meetings are in-person/live – skype/phone and weekly updates are via text/email)

  • $250+HST first month
  • $125+HST per month with $125+HST weekly missed goals incentive (with automatic renewal, cancel with 30 days advance notice)

Email/text (First meeting is in-person/live – skype/phone. All subsequent updates are via text/email)

  • $250+HST first month
  • $75+HST per month with $75+HST weekly missed goals incentive (with automatic renewal, cancel with 30 days advance notice)

Promotional pricing valid with registration before Aug 31, 2017

What is the difference between the 3 options?

    Option Monthly touch point Weekly interaction Possible incentive fees
    Standard 4-month Live/in-person Text No
    Live 4-month Live/in-person Text Yes
    Text 4-month Text Text Yes

How CAS-incentivized pricing works

  • Meet live (in person, virtual – Sykpe/Hangouts/etc), phone) every 4-6 weeks
  • Goals are set for the week and to be completed by Sun 11:59 PM; we will mutually agree what the goals will be for the week (the more you put in, the more you get out; my goal is to stretch your comfort zone); Goals are self reported on an honor system (if you cheat yourself, then that’s not helping you)
    • If you hit your goals, then I congratulate you and you’re progressing towards your career potential!
    • If you do not hit your goals, then it’s $150 ($75 for students) for every week you miss any of your weekly goals (to be collected monthly);
    • If you continue to miss your goals, then we can adjust the plan appropriately (and in all honesty, we’ll need to adjust the approach
  • You can ask questions between live discussions via text (email, whatsapp, other)
    • We can arrange additional live discussion if needed
  • Cancellation with 30 days notice (no long term contract)

Example (all amounts are +HST):

  • Month 1: $250 + week 2 & 3 (achieve goals) $0 = total $250
  • Month 2: $125 + 1 missed weeks $125  = total $250
  • Month 3: $125 + 1 missed week $125 = total $250
  • Month 4: $125 + 0 missed weeks $0 = total $125
  • Total for 4 months = $875 even with 2 missed goals weeks (which is less than the $1280 4 month price)
    • You would have to miss 6/16 weeks (in the initial block) or 7/16 weeks in future blocks to cost more than the 4 month pre-paid pricing ($125×4 + $125×7 =$1375)
    • Your incentive: if you hit all of your goals the it’s only $125/month (which is about 40% off the promotional pricing)

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