We provide a goal and purpose oriented approach towards gaining resourceful insights so that you can embark on a transformational path towards career change or acceleration.



Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier (SIWIKE) is a roadmap towards optimizing your career and learning from the wisdom of others. Providing insights that will redirect or fast track your career.



Getting back to your “WHY” and making career decisions that reflects your personality, purpose and passion. Then focus on turning them into action.

Our Vision

Our vision is to weave mentorship into the fabric of society and help people reach their career potential by providing guidance, insights, knowledge and accountability. We consider ourselves as “career catalysts” and “personal trainers for your career”. Our utopia is where every individual is working at a job they love and utilizing their maximum potential to provide exceptional value to organizations. We have our eyes set on positively impacting the career journey of a billion people.

Our Story

Focus Inspired is the result of Luki Danukarjanto’s effort towards creating an organization that is dedicated to elevating career aspirations and unlocking career potentials of individuals.

After working as a successful management consultant for over twelve years, Luki knew there had to be more to life. As a management consultant he did a lot of traveling and after the number of days he had to spend away from his family increased, his level of work satisfaction decreased. These feelings catapulted him towards a path of self-discovery and made him question his purpose.

After countless hours of reading books, self-reflection, speaking to mentors and journaling, he found his passion in mentoring and coaching others. He helped people reach their career goals using his arsenal of knowledge that he gained working as a consultant running a practice area as well as the lead in the undergraduate campus recruiting program for a big four firm.

His realization was not an accident, it was a series of events, experiences, that led him to this path. Especially after talking to many students in campus recruitment programs, he became aware that these individuals needed more guidance when it comes to career selection. Many of the students were picking careers based on expectations of family members, friends, or others around them and not based on their own personality, passion and purpose.

He finally left his consultant job and started his entrepreneurial journey with more purposeful working hours that allowed him to slowly build on his vision of weaving mentorship into the fabric of society and helping individuals through career coaching, giving birth to Focus Inspired.

Our Team

“Personal trainers for your career” helping you turn knowledge into results! We are currently a one-person army, with various collaborators on the same mission. Soon to add more professionals who are passionate about making a difference.

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