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Who we help

We help those looking to unlock their career potential! 

Especially if you are a driven, introverted, coding bootcamp grad to land that first role and find purpose and fulfillment in your career.

Our Services

We are career coaches that support you as: 

  • Career Catalysts: sharing what you didn’t know you needed to know about jobs, careers and life
  • “Personal trainers” for your career: helping you turn knowledge into action and results 
  • Mentors: sharing experiences having “been there, done that”

We are growing our Community to provide support through group coaching events, content, and even One-on-One personalized professional career guidance to assist you to make your career journey remarkable!

We teach you how to improve your ‘soft-skills’ as foundations to transform your dream career into your reality. 

We complement your organization for ‘soft-skills’ education, elevating the recruiting and hiring process, improve employee engagement, and implement mentorship-alumni initiatives to catalyze your students and work force. 

Our Story.

Luki Danukarjanto is the founder of FOCUS inspired looking to elevate education and positively impact a billion people. 

Graduating in Computer Science, he learned soft-skills through trial and error and ultimately became a successful management consultant for 12+ years.  Being “successful” by most measures, Luki realized there had to be more to life. He embarked on a path of self-discovery of SIWIKE “Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier”. He now shares his SIWIKE, and the insights and guidance of others. 

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The book that will change your career game.

Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier (SIWIKE) is intended to give you strategic direction that will optimize your professional life. Get ready to take your career to the next level!

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