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If you’re a young professional or recent grad who is looking to elevate their job, career or life, 

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We are career coaches that support you as: 

  • “personal trainers” for your career, helping you turn knowledge into results and 
  • DJs for professional development sharing what you didn’t even know that you needed to know!

Our One-on-One or Group personalized professional career guidance to assist you to make your career journey remarkable.

We will equip you with soft skills devoted to transform your desired career objectives into reality. 

Elevating hiring, engagement, mentorship and productivity to catalyze your millennial work force. 

Our Story.

Focus Inspired is the result of Luki Danukarjanto’s effort towards creating an organization that is dedicated to elevating career aspirations and unlocking career potentials of individuals.

After working as a successful management consultant over twelve years, Luki knew there had to be more to life. As a management consultant he did a lot of travelling and after the number of days he had to spend away from his family increased, his level of work satisfaction decreased. These feelings catapulted him towards a path of self-discovery and made him question his purpose.

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The book that will change your career game.

Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier (SIWIKE) is intended to give you strategic direction that will optimize your professional life. Get ready to take your career to the next level!

What People Are Saying

It’s been empowering. I learned how to talk to strangers and be more comfortable with myself. Also, I find it helpful to talk to you because of your vast knowledge base.
RM, Toronto
Exceeded my expectations by helping me think differently and finding the motivation and a new better paying job!
ND, Toronto
Many thanks for the precious advice, they made a significant difference.
JQ, Montreal
The mentoring helped clear my confusions around work attitude. I feel more prepared to come up with a tangible plan to make changes. I am more aware of myself and others.
RL, Montreal

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