Our services are designed to help you turn
knowledge into results.

Career Confidence Coaching (CCC)

Catalyzing your success by sharing what “you didn’t know that you needed to know”. Then turning that knowledge into results through an accountability based approach

What: sharing career success guidance such as SIWIKE (Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier) leveraging our career framework to help you understand student development goals PLUS helping you with the discipline and motivation to get to your goals

Why: to focus inspire and accelerate your career success.

Why us: we have the industry + advisory experience to help you level up your career

Whether you are

  • Lost and don't know how to move forward in your career.
  • Have a career goal and don't know how to get there.
  • A student looking to accelerate or get your career on track.
  • A young or experienced professional looking to jump start or pivot your career.
  • Newcomer looking for a new start in the country.
  • Someone in career transition.

CCC model options

If any of these sound like you then one of our CCC option will be right for you! Each option is designed to provide the best value based on your needs.

CCC: A La Carte

Single Coaching session

  • Get started
  • BEST FOR: Those who are not great with commitments  and not to worried about price.
Most Popular

CCC: Standard Career Confidence Coaching

  • Pre-paid fee for 4-period commitment
  • BEST FOR: Those who want price stability.

CCC: "Skin-in-the-game"

  • Job hunt focused (i.e. you are not currently employed)
  • Minimal deposit with variable percentage "success fee"
  • Incentives / infractions
  • BEST FOR: Job seekers who wants their coach to also have "skin in the game"

CCC: A La Carte

CAS options comparison

Comparison Chart

A La Carte: Meet with us for an hour to discuss professional related topics from:

  • Purpose: finding your passion and what fulfills you
  • Growth: personal/professional development, promotions, side hustles, your own start-ups, etc.
  • Job search: resumes, interviews, networking

No obligation to continue!


LET'S get you started on your path to career success!

CCC: Standard Career Confidence Coaching

CAS options comparison

Comparison Chart
  • Discussions based on goals, and equipping with tools for sustainable career success
    • Includes job hunt support (resume advisory, interview
      prep guidance, networking and building meaningful
  • Optional NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) Empowerment [Inquire about costs]
    • Fundamentals, Anchoring,  overview and

The Finances

  • 4-session package
  • Meet periodically (initially weekly then extend to bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly with progress stability)
    • Live (in-person or virtual based on availability): once per period
  • Pre-paid for 4 periods
    • $975 CAD+HST
    • 1 period cancellation notice for next pre-paid period

Start with an introductory session for $295+HST and roll that into the 4-part package. 

CCC: "Skin-in-the-game"

CAS options comparison

Comparison Chart
  • Set job search goal
  • Set weekly application, interview, networking goals
  • Track towards goals
  • Assessment of skills based on the CGS (Career Guidance System) with focus on soft-skills development
CAS: How "Skin-in-game" Works (The Finances)
  • Deposit of $295+HST
  • Meet virtually weekly (in-person based on availability)
    • Incentive/infraction of $175+HST weekly
  • Success fee of 8% of your new salary (less deposit and payable 8x1% increments per biweekly pay period) 
  • 1 month cancellation notice

Our seminars are meant to share SIWIKE (Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier) – the advice that we wish we would have received when we were in school and starting work. Seminars progress from starting college / university to those starting their first jobs to those that are looking to turn their job into their career and their career into their “calling”.

  • Time and self management

    Schools don’t often teach time management, yet getting things done is an important factor in being successful in your career especially in professional services

  • Building Meaningful Connections
    • Relationships are essential for effective teams, promotions, and just general career success
    • Unfortunately, we were never taught how to build relationships and now we give you the tools and skills to do so
    • Ideal for introverts, we walk through the art of building meaningful connections
  • SIWIKE toolkit: Mindset and habits

    Mindfulness, The law of attraction/action, CauseEffect, Morning rituals, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), self care (sleep, exercise, nutrition) are some of the topics covered at a high level to start providing a toolkit of “Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier” for career success

  • Finding a mentor

    Mentors can be an accelerator to career success that people may not know to take advantage of. Connecting with a seasoned professional can be challenging and we tactically show you how

  • Job hunt demystified

    The process of finding a job can be confusing with opposing information on what is or isn’t need on a resume, interviews and networking

  • Getting a job “without a resume”

    We do a tactical deep dive and give you a step by step process on how to get a job without going through the online application process

  • Effective communication

    We introduce tools such as NLP, emotional intelligence and more to help your communication be more effective.

  • Inquire about your favourite soft skill

    We are constantly developing new wokrshops on soft-skills topics. Ask us if you don't see your soft-skill topic listed.

How accountability for seminars work

SEMINAR    (2 hrs)

  • Seminar is run
  • Goals are set at the end
  • Optional accountability sessions are run or accountability group created to promote sustainability of soft skills
Accountability   (4x1 hrs accountability)
  • Periodic accountability session where goals are tracked
  • New soft skills and tools are provided by mentor-coach
  • Community is built among participants
  • New goals are set
  • Repeat!
Offerings for Companies:

You just spent thousands of $ on a recruiting services. Can 1-2 pages and 3-5 hrs of interviews actually tell you that your new recruit can communicate effectively with others, is engaged in their work and can otherwise add value to your organization? Our professional mentor-coaching assures that they will.

Career Coach in Residence (CCIR)
  • “Office Hours” + proactive reach out
    • - Employees schedule time to meet with a career coach
    • - PLUS proactive reach out for those that don’t connect
  • Career development plans and goals are created along with a self-assessment on desired areas of improvement
  • Accountability check-ins are provided to confirm sustained success
  • Performance increases and deltas are reported to management for prioritization and adjustments
Mentorship and Almuni program development
  • Providing assessments and recommendations of mentorship and alumni programs
Millennial Recruiting program complements
  • Providing assessments and recommendations for millennial recruiting