About Us

OUR STORY (the LONGER version)

Our founder had humble and typical beginnings, starting to prepare for his career by following in his father’s foot steps (which happened to be in the world of technology – computer science to be exact). It was the time of the dot-com technology bubble, where anything computer related were “hot” careers in the industry.

After, completing university co-op terms (and with the fortune of having several high school co-ops work experiences as well), he was poised to join the workforce as a developer or network administrator as most computer scientists did. As luck would have it, he would stumble upon (admittedly by accident) what he’ll come to understand as one of the most important parts of a career journey – a referral. The referral was a high school friend’s brother who worked at a management consulting firm.

Management Consulting was not the typical career path for a computer scientist, but the dot-com bubble had just burst and a job is a job. And a job doing management consulting with the technology group turned out to be a great opportunity. Management consulting, as a career path allowed our founder to understand another important part of the career journey – trying new experiences (to find out whether there was indeed something out there that you were put on Earth to do). New experiences were everywhere, starting as a developer, then moving into business analysis, then requirements, design, quality assurance strategy / planning / execution, organizational change management, communications and training, project management, technology roadmaps, business strategy, sales and business development, and the list goes on. And to top it off, clients spanned pretty much every industry you can think of: financial services, public sector, retail, consumer business, manufacturing, technology, media and telecom, and so on, and so on. Career progression continued to eventually become a practice leader.

At the same time, his interest in helping others to reach their potential, showed itself in two areas: recruiting and coaching. He was afforded the opportunity to run campus recruiting nationally for the technology group, having been directly responsible for hiring hundreds of students. Then add opportunities to support experienced hiring recruiting, and being responsible for many innovative campaigns to bring the best and brightest to the Firm.

And of course coaching of junior practitioners; many of which were based on relationships built during the hiring process. He was recognized as a coach that could help someone navigate the many opportunities that surrounded them.

Both where “extra activities” outside of his day job, but he was more than happy to do them and they were his “strengths”.

Lots of work but lots of opportunities to learn at the same time. Things seemed to be looking really good.

Then a realization: what if he was able to FOCUS on his passion for coaching others and INSPIRE them to reach their potential? That would mean risking a very clear and high potential career path to do what he loved to do. After a long analysis process (which shaped many of the programs that we offer), the decision was clear; Our goal was to: provide FOCUS and INSPIRATION for your career.

Now here were are. Gathering together experienced professionals who have been part of the world of work and have found that their strengths and passions lie in helping others reach their potential. Sharing “Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier” (SIWIKE) to accelerate you in your career path to find your calling just as we have. Let us help you provide FOCUS and INSPIRATION for your career.