Job Hunt Acceleration Services

You’re struggling in your job hunt. You could use some help to stay motivated and find that elusive job.

We’ll help you in the journey and only be paid out on success*.

We ‘teach you how to fish, instead of giving you a fish, since it’s probably not your first job, and probably won’t be your last. So you might as well get good at the hunt.

*refer to deposit incentive pricing for potential additional payments

What you get

  • Live (in-person or skype) session for career mentor-coaching (1 hour) every 4-6 weeks (based on mutual availability)
    • Be catalyzed. Grow. Learn.
    • Set goals. Achieve.
  • Unlimited messaging AMA “Ask me anything” job related correspondence
    • Don’t hesitate to reach out
    • No question is too simple
  • Active “accountability check-ins”
    • Proactive reach out by catalyst to keep you on track with your priorities (weekly or based on agreed availability)
  • Additional access (as mutually agreed)

What’s the cost?

  • $200 deposit (your demonstrated commitment to yourself – and to me)
  • 5% salary paid after first pay check (less deposit)
  • $100+HST weekly missed goals incentive (this is accountability in action!)

How incentivized pricing works

  • Goals are set for the week and to be completed by Sun 11:59 PM; we will mutually agree what the goals will be for the week (the more you put in, the more you get out; my goal is to stretch your comfort zone); Goals are self reported on an honour system (if you cheat yourself, then that’s not helping you)
    • If you hit your goals, then we congratulate each other and you’re progressing towards your job!
    • If you do not hit your goals, then it’s $100 for every week you miss any of your weekly goals (to be collected monthly);
    • If you continue to miss your goals, then we can adjust the plan appropriately (and in all honesty, we’ll need to adjust the approach)
  • You can ask questions between live discussions via text (email, whatsapp, other)
    • We can arrange additional live discussion if needed

Interested in signing up?

    Example (all amounts are +HST): an ideal case!

    • Month 1: $200 deposit = total $200
    • Month 2: 0 missed weeks $0 = total $0 (deposit balance $200)
    • Month 3: 0 missed week $0 = total $0 (deposit balance $200)
    • Month 4: got job = 5% of base salary due after first paycheck (less $200 deposit)
    • Total for 4 months = 5% of salary!

    Example (all amounts are +HST): a not-so motivated case

    • Month 1: $200 deposit = total $200
    • Month 2: 1 missed weeks $100  = total $0 (deposit balance $100)
    • Month 3: 2 missed week $200 = total $100 less previous $100 deposit balance
    • Month 4: 0 missed week $0 = total $0
    • Month 5: got job = 5% of base salary due after first paycheck
    • Total for 5 months = $300 + 5% of salary!