Meet WEI. The Work Experience Incubator

Don’t have access to a coop program? perhaps you don’t meet the GPA requirements, or they just don’t offer it for your program.

Do you want to spend your time acquiring work experience? Even if you feel you don’t have enough time, we start by coaching you in time management and productivity to help you get the most out of your time and the WEI experience.

WEI was built with students in mind. Combine the preparation of a coop with the flexibility of a startup / freelance work and that’s WEI.


  • Has academic restrictions: what if your GPA is 0.5 or even 0.1 below the cut-off? Are you MORE likely to need the help of work experience to get a job?
  • Has a restrictive structure: some companies can’t hire someone for 4 months starting in Sep, Jan or May. They might just need someone for 6 weeks or 12 weeks.
  • Focuses on “giving you a fish” where fish are the roles on their job boards

Start-ups and free lance

  • Provides flexibility
  • Allows you to leverage your strengths to get the work experience you want
  • Allows you to explore and expand past your comfort zone

WEI Work Experience Incubator

  • Provides coaching and training to help you understand your strengths, and get experience applying those strengths
  • Provides a community of support and opportunity to learn career and life skills
  • Provides exploration of jobs and skills in an accelerated approach

The program is currently in pilot. The goal is to offer the program at no cost using a “Pay-It-Forward” model.

A 8 hour/week commitment is required.

    How it works: Timeline

    WEI Timeline

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    We are career catalysts looking to initiate the reactions that would not have otherwise happened towards your career success. “Personal trainers for your career” helping you turn knowledge into results!