Title Card - 3 Reasons Video Games Aren't A Waste Of Time

3 Reasons Why Video Games Aren’t A Complete Waste Of Time

The phrases are so common now that they might as well be tropes. Don’t play video games, they’ll rot your brain. Get off the TV, you have other things to do. Stop playing so much, those are for kids. The fact of the matter is, nothing is completely useless. In fact, you wouldn’t be very hard-pressed to find reasons why video games aren’t a complete waste of time for most people.

Here are 3 ways video games can be beneficial to you:

1. Taking time for yourself

You’ve probably already given this reason if you were a pre-teen or teenager trying to give an excuse to your parents as to why you’re on the computer instead of doing your homework. The phrase, “I’m tired, I needed a break” should sound familiar to most of us as a common excuse we needed when we were little. The thing is, we were on the right track, even if they weren’t always for the right reasons.

I have frequently mentioned the importance of giving yourself the time to rest in this blog before, and it is certainly no different now. If video games are the best way for you personally to unwind and not have to think so much about work, then you should be spending some time doing that. Mental health is a very important factor when it comes to a work-life balance, and you need to find something that you can do to help you unwind for a little while each day. The difference between your kid self and your adult self playing video games will come in understanding moderation. Your kid self might have been correct, but they were likely giving that excuse to avoid doing work entirely. You must be able to take the time needed to decompress while also understanding that you need to do work as well, and stopping is just as important as starting. Budget yourself some time for yourself and stick to it before heading back to work. You will feel better about yourself and still have the time needed to get your work done.

2. Career

Someone has to make the games you play, why can’t you help do just that? Many, if not all modern game designers grew up playing video games, and it is with video games that they gained their passion and drive and the love for what they do. Who’s to say that you couldn’t do the same?

The video game design career is booming, with many different colleges and even universities offering degrees specifically tailored to that field. Be warned, this is not an easy or laid back job, there is a lot that goes into developing a video game, but you will be paid accordingly for it. If the prospect of designing game models, storylines, graphics, or scenery appeals to you, you may want to consider looking into a field like this one. It may be competitive, but with the right drive and determination, your passion will allow you to stand out from the crowd. Start making connections, talking to people, go to trade shows, and put some feelers out there. You never know what you’re going to find!

3. Keep your mind in shape

It’s no secret that many types of video games require you to use a unique set of skills to accomplish goals or progress. Some games are specifically designed for you to use puzzle-solving or critical thinking skills to get you to use your brain, like the widely popular “Brain Age” for the Nintendo DS. Even some games that are the typical “rot your brain” type culprits like first person shooters are helping you build fast reflexes and critical thinking tactics when you learn to get better each match. No matter which game you play, there will almost always be some skill that is being put to the test, and you will almost certainly benefit from it given enough practice.

Video games sometimes come with a bad reputation, but it is important to recognize the good that comes with the territory. In short, if you play video games for good reasons, instead of just using them as an excuse not to do the things you should be doing, they can have many positive influences on you and your life, even beyond these three points.

Play on, gamers!