BOOK 2019: A new earth: Eckhart Tolle


Wow. An amazing piece that is eye-opening for someone into self-development. The content is dense with truths and provides a new vocabulary for those looking to become enlightened.

I don’t claim to understand half of what is being said, however, there were many moments of inspiration.

The book outlines out the human race is awakening into a new level of consciousness. Elaborating on the ego, and pain-body as the sources of much human suffering. Those on their careers looking to “keep up with the Jones” or who beat themselves up for not being further ahead or for those too scared to pursue their passions.

While, not specifically a professional development book, it is a self-development book, which can have profound effects on their career when internalized.


“A new earth” was read Jan 2019

Why I decided to read it

I have heard Eckhart Tolle referenced in various circles. While listening to Oprah’s Super Soul podcast, I thought I’d give it a shot. I wasn’t disappointed. While reading, I found myself pausing every page, even multiple times per page to reflect on what was being said.

I have a religious background, though I don’t personally consider myself religious, and it helped me think through some of my thoughts on spirituality. The transformation of a plant to a flower, as well as rock to a crystal. Those changes are similar to the awakening consciousness of humans.

Who should read it

Those who are searching for happiness.

People who limit themselves by anxiety, anger, sadness and other negative emotions.

Those looking for enlightenment and to better understand how to deal with their thoughts.

Memorable highlights for me

Don’t seek happiness. Instead, seek freedom from unhappiness.

A very subtle distinction. Happiness is fleeting and pain is inevitable. However, the suffering that the pain may trigger, is entirely optional. It takes effort and training to get to that point, and I just started that journey. Slowly, but surely.


Have you read it? What did you think?


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