BOOK 2020: How Children Succeed – Paul Tough


Great and informative insights on helping children succeed. The Mark Twain quote “Don’t let school get in the way of education” comes to mind. The education system hasn’t kept up with the changing needs of society. The current school systems focus on IQ does little to address the fact that IQ is not necessarily a predictor of success. Other more “softer” character-related skills are a better predictor of success. Unfortunately, with more dual-income families and people struggling to make ends meet, means that the parenting to teach these skills often doesn’t happen.  

If you’re an educator or involved in education then you should definitely read this book.

Can’t wait to read his next book “Helping children succeed” 


Read Jan 2020

Why I decided to read it


I’m an advocate of youth success, and the more resources that I can get to provide out to youth, the better. I was hoping to get more on the “how-to” parts of teaching these skills and am glad that there will be a follow-up book that addresses those parts. 

Who should read it

Educators. Parents. Those interested in student and youth success.

Memorable highlights for me

IQ is one of multiple-intelligences, others of which are better predictors of success.

The impact of great teachers. Great teachers care.

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