Career success by achieving your career bucket list

A useful concept to help you navigate towards career success is the Career Bucket List (CBL).

What is a CBL?

A bucket list is the list of activities that you want to do before you die. Sky diving, visiting the pyramid and the great wall, eating at a Michelin star restaurant or whatever else might be part of that list. However, the Career Bucket is what you want to do before you retire. Being a manager, a senior executive, starting your own business, working abroad, are all examples of what might be on your career bucket list.

Why have a CBL?

Having a Career Bucket List is a useful consideration as careers are becoming less and less singular. That means that you might take a degree in accounting, law, medicine, engineering or whatever, but the odds that you’ll end your career in that field are becoming less and less. In fact, switching to multiple career paths throughout your career is becoming more and more common.

If you really think about it, it’s not just more common, it’s almost a requirement. One is example is the iPhone. It was introduced in 2007 and now we basically cannot live without our smartphones. Which literally did not exist a decade ago. So what is going to exist in 2027 that we don’t even know that we won’t be able to live without? Being able to veer off your current career path into something that might not even exist yet should be built-in to the process.

If you’re lucky enough to know what your calling is then your CBL could just have one item on the list. For others, don’t be fussed if your CBL has 5, 10 or more items on them. Just make it a point to move towards at least one to check off.

Examining your CBL

If you don’t have a Career Bucket List, you should take the time to list it out. Then pick the top one to achieve. Add more as you think of some. Remove as they become irrelevant to you. I’d recommend to pick your current CBL goal yearly, and you could take a look at adding / subtracting as frequently as quarterly.


Whether your CBL has only 1 item on it, or has 25, keep that career bucket list in mind for your goals. It can do wonders for helping you achieve career success!


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