How do your career results stack up?

We’ve mentioned that Career Success is made up of Results and Relationships. If we take a bit of time to focus on Career Results, then you might consider the question of how do my results stack up?

What are your Career Results?

Results are what most people are worried about. In school it’s your GPA. At work they are your performance evaluations. The place where you’re volunteered. The certifications, designations and associations you are part of. Basically everything on your resume or what can be inferred from your resume.

Results are complementary to Relationships, which will cover as an often overlooked part of career success in a future post.

How do my Career Results stack up?

First of all, there is no one global standard for Career Results across the board. People get to their career levels in many different ways. A good way to test is to find someone with a job that you want. You could do that via LinkedIn or other resource. Then take a look at what they’ve done in their career and see how you stack up. Take a look at what they did, and what you’ve done, and the difference is your roadmap for the next few little while. You might need to adjust for different circumstances such as how long ago they went through the process (the world is getting more and more competitive so you might need to do more than someone getting in 10, 5 or even a year ago). Or perhaps they followed a non-traditional path, or you followed the non-traditional path. Whatever those gaps are, they could be indicative of whether you’re 80% or 50% of the way there.

You can do this while on the job hunt or even when you’re exploring new career paths. The great thing about understanding the gaps, is that now you can do something about them. I recommend for you to pre-write your resume. Basically writing down and setting goals on what you want to accomplish in the next few weeks/months.

So how do your career results stack up?


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