Confidence Can Be Rebuilt

Tips from chapter 4:

I had a lot of cracks in my confidence but I was able to rebuild it by making radical changes and moving forward. You shouldn’t care what people say unless it’s accurate and relevant. It takes a lot of courage to consider constructive feedback and do something about it. Confidence can be practiced by getting comfortable with discomfort. Try talking to strangers and learning from others, who are conversationalists. Your mindset and perspective are essential in reaching your potential. The quote I live by is: “I never lose, I either win or learn”. Practice reflecting on what you failed at during the week and how you can adjust your perspective and turn it into productive actions. All learning starts with memory, and memory can be trained. There are a few memory concepts you can use, for example, linking, which recognizes patterns and groups them together. Another memory concept is phonetic numbering system which attaches numbers to consonants in order to remember things like birthdays and credit card numbers.


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