Get Smart About My Client

Get Smart About My Client

Tips from chapter 5:

It’s important to calculate your monthly spending so you know where your money is going. 1) your monthly income 2) recurring amount spent on necessities (heating, internet etc) 3) disposable income on wants (entertainment, shopping etc). Now calculate if you spend more than you make. If you do then ask yourself ‘Will I remember the X I bought in 10 years’ and if the answer’s no then you probably don’t need it. I’d recommend to save first when your paycheck comes in. You can have a portion of it automatically put into your investments to grow. Experts recommend at least 10% of your income to go to savings. Furthermore, it’s good to have an emergency fund in case you get let go from your job and don’t have an income for several months. If your salary is low then save a small percentage for later and delay the instant gratification.


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