Episode 23 – Chief Career Catalyst of Focus.Inspired with Luki Danukarjanto

Join in for a conversation with Luki Danukarjanto, the Chief Career Catalyst at Focus.Inspired and the author of a career book titled: Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier. Luki is on a mission to help millennials redefine their career journey as a coach but with aspirations to create a new form of education in the future. Luki’s story is one filled with cultivating humility through disappointment and making decisions following his curiosity. We journey his personal development and rebranding through an almost 13 year career in consulting to taking the leap of entrepreneurship whilst having a wife and 2 kids. We talk about his early years starting Focus.Inspired and what it’s like now 3 years later with the various learnings he experienced as an operator.

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