Have A Growth Mindset

Have you read the book SIWIKE? Here’s some important messages from the intro:

Having a growth mindset is essential for success; being smart is relative. Your IQ is not fixed; through gaining more knowledge and applying that knowledge, you become more intelligent. Without studying and developing good habits, you get further and further behind in life. Ultimately, you become skilled at something by learning the techniques and practicing them. However, the practice must be deliberate, which means it is done with the purpose of learning and improving. Try to pay attention in class and when completing homework, think about how it can be applied to your future job. Moreover, it’s important to reflect on what went well, what can be better and what to stop doing. Prioritize yourself and recognize that you’re becoming amazing.

(To read the full book and gain a deeper insight check out https://focusinspired.com/siwikebook)