BOOK-Healing ADD: Dr. Daniel Amen


A great read for anyone that has a person in their life with ADD. . The reality of today is that most people will have some who is diagnosed or they suspect have ADD. The book provided me with a different perspective of someone with ADD. Not as someone who doesn’t try, and more as someone who needs tools to help. Someone with vision impairment needs glasses as a vision aid. Someone with ADD needs focus aids, which could in some cases be in the form of medication.

It was interesting to learn that there isn’t one type of ADD and therefore not one treatment. Using a generic form of treatment might aggravate forms of ADD. I’ve come to understand that most people I know (myself included) have ADD on some range of the spectrum. I can totally relate to some of the challenges that someone with ADD is going through. 


Read Jul 2019

Why I decided to read it

Mostly for my children. I have a suspicion that my kids have some form of ADD. They haven’t been diagnosed and are still young, so perhaps not. At the same time, the book has helped me view their behaviour in a different light. Although I’m still triggered at times for them not being able to focus, I am not more sympathetic to what they might be going through.

Who should read it

Anyone with a loved one that has trouble focusing. Adults can have ADD too. Perhaps some of the causes of life and challenges might come from an inability to focus or those that want to focus better. I’m sure that many of the non-medication treatments for ADD could work well to improve focus for everyone.

Memorable highlights for me

ADD is not as simple as a choice to focus. For some, when you tell them to focus, it’s like telling someone who needs glasses to “see better”. They need aids to do so.

There isn’t one type of ADD and therefore not one treatment so using a generic form of treatment might aggravate forms of ADD. 

There are natural ways of helping ADD, though some severe cases will require medication.

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