BOOK 2019: How to be Everything: Emilie Wapnick


A great resource for those that don’t want to commit to doing one thing for their entire careers. “Multi-potential-ites” as they are called seem to be growing in number. I identify as one as I feel I’m already on my third career (computer science/coding, business/management consulting, now education/entrepreneurship), and who knows how many more I’ll have.

I like the concepts introduced (the Group Hug, Slash, Einstein, and Phoenix) to explain differents modes that multipotentialites could take their careers. Although they are all familiar, the book is especially helpful for those that are stuck in the traditional notion of 1 career for 40 years of work. At the very least it provides the support that you’re not alone and gives you some options. 

Plus it’s a relatively short and easy read!

Read Aug 2019

Why I decided to read it

Previously recommended by a friend, it was on the reading list and was just able to get around to it. It would have been a great resource earlier on!

Who should read it

Those that have FOMO (fear of missing out). If you’ve ever said that you don’t want to pick because you are good at too many things. Those with (career) commitment issues.

Memorable highlights for me

Group Hug, Slash, Einstein, Phoenix. I think I’m a combination with my early consulting career being a group hug. Then over the years, I mixed all of the others together are various points in time.

Multipotentialite ailments: Guilt and shame, beginner again, fear of not being the best, imposter syndrome.

“What would your life be like if you gave yourself permission to be everything you wanted to be?”

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