Introducing the Career Guidance System

Introducing the Career Guidance System

The Career Guidance System (CGS) isn’t some sort of missle defence program. It is a tool that is helpful for you to understand your development areas to reach your career potential. The genesis of the CGS was to organize all of the vast amounts of SIWIKE out there. You might ask, how much SIWIKE is really out there? Well, the entire self-help, personal development, business development section of a book store is basically a good starting point for SIWIKE.

Career Guidance System


The CGS is made of 4 components.

  1. The Journey: going from school to a job to a career (and yes there is a difference between a job and a career)
  2. Components of Career success: two simple pieces – results and relationships
  3. The job hunt: being on the job hunt or off (but you should never be off the job hunt, instead you should be open to opportunities)
  4. The tool kit: strategies, approaches and tips to help you be more successful in your career

We’ll review each in future posts. So stay tuned for more!


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