On the job hunt or open to opportunities

A successful career is made of the jobs you do. Whether that’s working for someone or for yourself, you will likely spend time on the job hunt. Well apart from those of you who are serial entrepreneurs that wouldn’t work for anyone but yourself.

On the job hunt

When you are on the job hunt you are leveraging the components of Career Success = Results x Relationships. Most people focus on Results which are documented in a combination of your resume and cover letter. They might also be outline on various places on social media like your LinkedIn profile.

Off the job hunt? No, be open to opportunities

The opposite of being on the job hunt shouldn’t be being off the job hunt. It should be being open to opportunities. Being open to opportunities could be a “passively proactive” approach to the job hunt. You are passive in the sense that you aren’t sending dozens of resumes out daily. And you are proactive as you are leveraging your relationships and continuing to BMC = Build Meaningful Connections. Plus, just because there is an opportunity, does not mean that you have to take it.

How to be open to opportunities

Being open to opportunities is surprising simple. If you are BMCing then you’ll naturally be open to opportunities. You are catching up with your previous connections to see what they are up to. Perhaps getting an update on what is new and interesting in the market. Or perhaps being given the heads up on an upcoming position in their company that just might be suitable for you.

You also want to consider pre-writing your resume to further increase Results and there by increasing your opportunities as well.

At the end of the day, whether you are on the job hunt or open to opportunities, you’ll want to leverage your Results and Relationships to help move you towards Career Success!


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