LinkedIn Resources – Career Buddy

Here are some curated resources to help you with leveraging LinkedIn on your job hunt:


Common LinkedIn guidance and feedback

LinkedIn for students


Contact me on LinkedIn or email on how I could be of help

Audio (podcasts and other)

Come back soon!


Come back soon!


In-person and online

Udemy course:

Udemy for general networking. Has some LinkedIn specific lessons.

Networking sites (other than LinkedIn):

LinkedIn Locals: organized meetups where LinkedIn connections meet in real life.

Shapr Think LinkedIn meets Tinder. Swipe right to connect with someone professionally. Be aware of the MLM (multi-level-marketing) folks.

TenThousandCoffees Their goal is to connect folks for coffee. Better when you are part of a HUB through a school or other organization.

For students

Check your school’s career center or your student association!



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