Names I give myself: career coach, career catalyst, personal trainer for your career and DJ for personal and professional development

I have been going around giving myself various names and thought it’d be useful to take some time to explain. I’ve been known to call myself a career coach, career catalyst, personal trainer for your career and most recently a DJ for personal and professional development. Here’s why:

Career coach

The familiarity of the term career coach is probably the only reason why I call myself one. Folks will understand that I can help them in their careers. Unfortunately, the term is often associated with high school guidance counsellors or university career centres that I’ve been told aren’t that effective. Mind you, I know many of each, and many of which are great people, but are self-admittedly limited in what they can provide in terms of guidance.

On the opposite spectrum, career coaches can be associated with senior resources looking to break into the C-suite. I never really identified with that demographic.


Career catalyst

The term career catalyst resonated with me much more. The Catalyst part assumes initiating the reactions that wouldn’t have otherwise happened and feel that I look to do that. For those that are happy with their careers, there really isn’t much catalyzing to do. However, for those that complain, long for more, or are just plain lost, my goal is to be that spark that gets them to do something about it and unlock their career potential.

It was an “a-ha” moment for me, and thought I was the inventor of something amazing. But alas there are were others already using the term. So I will be hopeful to be the one that popularizes it and become one of my go-to names.


Personal trainer for your career

Now this one I think I might be able to take credit for inventing. Though I’ve only gone through 20 pages of google searches or which I’m sure I’d be fine should I ever decide to take personal training as a profession. The personal trainer for your career part is important as if all I did was just to catalyze people’s careers and initiate reactions for change, the follow-on execution is often the toughest.

Clients will often sign on realizing that they were sparked by my words having heard me in a talk. But alas, they only reached out months later after that momentum and motivation quickly faded. They tried to make progress on their own, only to be in the same spot weeks if not months later. And they realize dthat if they had Luki reaching out to them on a weekly basis asking them why they aren’t at the gym, and to do another rep or another set, then their career would be in much better shape. Though I do make sure to tell them that it’s better late than never.


DJ for personal and professional development – most recent of my names

Here is where I get the most resonance, at least with the younger crowd. A DJ remixes the music out there to create something familiar but uniquely their own. You don’t like country? may remixing the lyrics with some hip-hop beats will be more your thing. Just like you don’t like the way Gary Vaynerchuk curses and swears? Well let me take some of the messages Tony Robbins, says to mellow out the messages a bit.

Although much of what I say has already been said, the way I say it and mash-it-up with other content creates a fell of it’s own.

I’m sure I’ll end up tweaking these names over time and thought it’d be worthwhile to explain. Feel free to reach out to me if any of them resonate on how I could be of help to you!

ABOUT FOCUS inspired

We are career catalysts looking to initiate the reactions that would not have otherwise happened towards your career success. “Personal trainers for your career” helping you turn knowledge into results!