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To inventory your network you should:

  • Connect with those closest to your (family friends)
  • Connect with colleagues (former coworkers and colleagues from previous jobs/volunteer/etc)
  • Connect with acquaintances (whom you’ve met but don’t know very well)
  • For those that you haven’t yet met, prioritize potential “warm connections” (someone who you know that knows them) vs cold connections (someone who doesn’t have a common connection)
    • Connect with those in the companies that you are interested in (but may have not met
    • Connect with those in the role you’re interested in (whether in the company you want or not)
    • Connect with those in the industry/domain you’re interested in (whether in the role or company you want)

Here are some curated resources to help you with networking on your job hunt:


Guide to networking

LinkedIn for students


Contact me on LinkedIn or email on how I could be of help

Audio (podcasts and other)

Networking: Deeper Dive:

Networking Audit:


Building Meaningful Connections 

My First Networking Event

Adding Value:

In-person and on-line

Udemy course:


Networking sites:




Shapr Think LinkedIn meets Tinder. Swipe right to connect with someone professionally. Be aware of the MLM (multi-level-marketing) folks.

TenThousandCoffees Their goal is to connect folks for coffee. Better when you are part of a HUB through a school or other organization.

For students

Check your school’s career center or your student association!



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