Title Card - Seize Your Passion

Seize Your Passion: Living to work, or working to live?

Passion is subjective. You were born into this world with a set of passions unique to you: driving forces which cannot be explained, nor quantified. It’s not about how hard you try, or how much you learn, as any person can be excellent at their job but absolutely hate their work. They may feel obligated to continue doing this work because it’s “what they know”, and continuing down this path is the only way they might stamp out their legacy.

There are many people who follow their parents’ advice, by doing the “acceptable” lines of work which provide good pay and a stable career. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, or computer programmers might be familiar jobs we have heard are ideal ways to “set you up for life”. Many people sign up to acquire their degrees, spending years on training and preparation, only to come out on the other side feeling tired and spent. These non-passionates are already sick of what they are doing before even landing their first job.

It might be here that you consider your experience interacting with some of the people working in these jobs. Almost everyone has a story about a rude doctor or nurse who seemed more interested in getting through their day than actually caring about your well-being. Perhaps you know a lawyer who only seems interested in putting in the least amount of effort required to achieve a positive result, even if a better result could have been reached. These stories often get passed around idly, ruining the reputation of these prestigious positions, and bringing down those truly passionate people who love their work and do it well. As a result, these coveted jobs are often inundated with people taking these jobs to become a “success”, doing the bare minimum to hold the title so they can call themselves a doctor at the dinner table, and watching as others nod their heads in admiration.

Now, am I saying you should avoid these lines of work altogether because they’re guaranteed to wear you out and make you fail? No, not at all. There are plenty of people who are mentally wired to do this type of work, eager to dig into any knowledge they can find and become the best surgeon the world has ever seen. If that sounds like you, I am certainly not stopping you from chasing your dream.

This is where I personally find the true definition of success. Workers who follow their passions are excited to show up the next day, because they have found a niche where they crave to perform and learn. They will talk anyone’s ear off on their subject of expertise, because it excites them and makes them want to share it with others.

What does this mean for you? I’m sure you have something you are passionate about. Think of a time when someone asked you a question, and you got so involved in the answer that you couldn’t stop talking. Perhaps you were so knowledgeable on the subject that you were disappointed when your conversation counterpart couldn’t keep up with your wide-reaching ideas. Or maybe this person was able to keep up with you, and time passed so quickly during your conversation that you didn’t even realize you were talking about it for so long. Maybe there is something you dedicate long hours to in your spare time, because you can’t seem to put it down.

Seize this passion. Identify it for what it is, and see what jobs allow you to do it for a living. This is your personal seed which you can plant and grow faster than anyone else. Use your excitement to your advantage and show everyone how you love what you do. Chances are, you’ll be happier and more likely to advance in your career, as people around you will take notice of your positive energy and productivity. They will want to encourage you to put your talents to their greatest use.

Work doesn’t have to be hard to be fulfilling. If you are living to work instead of working to live, you are turning your job into something you enjoy, all while getting paid to do the work you already love to do. Your opportunities are only limited by your imagination. Be passionate and confident, and the world will take notice, because there is only one of you, and you have a lot to offer.