Self Care Goes A Long Way

Great analogies and tips from chapter 4:

Imagine going on a road trip from Toronto to the West Coast in a 20 year old car. Now imagine the journey is the rest of your career and the car is your body. Your mileage(lifespan) will shorten fast if you don’t take care of yourself. The quality is at risk too; if you take better care of your body, your energy will increase, resulting in higher productivity, and a higher impact on the world. It’s important to exercises and incorporate physical activity into daily life . Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and getting off a few stops early on transit are all small things you can do to stay active. Moreover, you can practice eating healthier by saying no to dessert at a restaurant. Having a purpose keeps you more awake but getting enough sleep is also important. Try a ten days vital challenge where for the next ten days you eat one more healthy meal, get one more hour of sleep, and exercise for 5 more minutes each day. If others see that you can take care of yourself, then they’re more likely to trust that you can take care of what’s important to them. Furthermore, take pride in your personal presentation because when you look good, you feel good. Employers notice when you put in the extra effort to dress well and they may assume you’re organized and care about producing quality work.


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