Self serve career coaching – aka books you should read

Self serve career coaching – aka books you should read

The people I coach are very interested in where the career advice and guidance comes from. For the most part, it comes from years of experience, but the advice has very much been influenced and complemented by research through reading. I was never an avid reader, but over the last few months since I started the career coaching journey, I am probably on track to reading a book every other week.

I wanted to share the research I have read that helped shape where we are today.  Some are career focused and the following are my top recommendations.  I will add more as I get time to provide a review for them.

Caution: the information in these books should be tools in your career self-coaching tool kit.  Just like you wouldn’t build a house with just a screw driver, neither would you coach yourself through your career with just one or even all of these books.  They are all right and all wrong at the same time (wrong in the sense that they are still generalities and cannot summarize the complexity of each individual person without more context).  The information in the research provides you with a tool to apply to your career so make sure you take the concepts of the books to apply versus following everything they say literally.

Here’s the list

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