Self serve career coaching – What color is your parachute?

Self serve career coaching – What color is your parachute?

Suggestions were made to separate the self serve career coaching series to separate posts, so here’s Now, Discover your strengths and Strength Finder 2.0.  They are combined in a single post as they are very much related.  Read more below.

Richard N. Bolles

Useful for
Those looking for job hunt tips and tricks.

Those close to graduating. have already graduated or are looking for their next opportunity.

According to some, this is THE defacto book for anyone on the job hunt.  Very practical activities are included and are helpful.

My personal interactions/opinions
As a previous recruiter, I agree with most of the perspectives.  Although I am a little biased that the perspectives I share are a little easier to implement, but I of course have the benefit of talking to people and getting context to make the information very specific.  The information tends to be more “tactical find a job” focused versus “achieve your career potential” focused.  I would highly recommend the book for those that are challenged with the job hunt process.

That’s it for now and as I said, I will add more as I get around to writing the information down.