SEMINARS: What we offer

SEMINARS: What we offer

Our seminars are meant to share SIWIKE (Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier) – the advice that we wish we would have received when we were in school and starting work.  Seminars progress from starting college / university to those starting their first jobs to those that are looking to turn their job into their career and their career into their “calling”.

Starting Out Right College University

1. Starting out right – post secondary edition

Geared towards early years and even high school students.  

Learning what you need to know to be successful in college and university.

Your Resume Starts Now

2. Your resume starts now!

Geared towards early years.

Understanding the importance of starting early to write your resume.


3. The job hunt – Demystified

Geared towards those looking to understand the job hunt process.

Sharing the job hunt application process from the recruiters perspective to help you make sense of all of the job hunt advice out there.

Starting Out Right - Work Edition

4. Starting out right – working edition

Geared towards those just about to or just starting a job / career.  

Sharing job related SIWIKE to help you get the most out of your job / career.


5. Find your calling

Geared towards those that need direction and help in finding where their potential might be

Examining success, mindsets, strengths and other ways to reach your potential