SIWIKE Library – Books 2021 May

So far so good on my reading goal for the year. At the end of May 2021 I’m at 36 books with the start of June marking week 22 of the year. There were a few shorter books in May and was able to get through a few more than normal.

Here are May 2021’s and Feb 2021’s books

May 2021

Atomic Habits: James Clear

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Great book for those that are habit junkies. With some overlaps between the work of BJ Fogg and Charles Duhigg, there is enough new material and content as well as the practical application that makes this a worthwhile read.

Great read for anyone looking to build better habits.


Tuesdays with Morrie

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A very touching story with lots of philosophical discussions on the art of dying. I teared up quite it bit in the book, especially in the later chapters. Made me think about my grandparents and how I should have spent more time with them. Plus makes me want to spend more time with my parents and family.

Great book for pretty much everyone and especially those who are empaths.


Use your head: Tony Buzan

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A nice little book on memory and learning in general. Tony Buzan has written a series of books on learning and memory. The books introduces a lot of learning concepts and you’ll need other books if or resources if you want a deeper dive into the meta-learning world.

Seat of the Soul: Gary Zukov

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Lots of great nuggets of wisdom for those looking for something more on the spiritual side. There are a few religious references, though not so much to be overwhelming. For those that are Oprah fans, she often cites the works Gary Zukov as life changing.

Getting to Yes: Roger Fisher

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A nice book for those that are looking for help with negotiation. Negotiation is not just for hostage negotiation, or corporate M&A deals, these techniques can be broken down and applied to everyday life in the realm of conflict resolution.

Stress less, accomplish more: Emily Fletcher

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A great introduction to Ziva Meditation and for those looking to improve their mindset. Lots of good scientific research on the value of meditation. There seems to be as many forms of meditation as there are forms of exercise. Ziva is a very active guided meditation and is useful for those like me who have a monkey mind and find it challenging to sit in silence with their thoughts.

I’m currently rotating between ecoMeditation (Dawson Church) and Ziva. These are the ones that seem to be sticking.

Connected to goodness: David Meltzer

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A nice personal development book on the values needed to lead a good live. If the principles below resonate with you, or you want to find out more, then you definitely need to read the book

  • Foundations: Personal values, Experience values, Giving values, Receiving values
  • Guideposts: Clarity, Balance, Focus, Confidence
  • Manifestation: Perspective, Free will, AAA strategy, n-th power
  • Discipline: Effective habits, Performance, Penn value, The Ben Franklin Effect
  • Strategy: Knowledge, Planning, Emotion, Communication
  • Understanding: Comfort Zone, The Press, Shift the Paradigm, Maximize Momentum
  • Destination: Strive, Drive, Thrive, Revive


Dumbing us down: John Taylor Gatto

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Great book for those that are interested in education. John Gatto provides a history on why the current education system is very much in need of improvement. If you’re like me and want to transform education, then this is a must read.

Ask: Ryan Levesque

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A great book for those looking to build a marketing funnel. You get a bit of history and background on Ryan, then you get his Ask method. I’ll be sure to implement some parts of the method sooner vs later.

People Skills: Robert Bolton

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An older book and foundational for those looking to improve their interpersonal skills. I like how many social skills are broken down into components. These components become easier to develop and improve your skills over all. Great book for those looking to improve their relationships in general.


Feb 2021

I realized that I read quite a lot of book this year so will need more than 3-5 to get to Jan 1. I’m pretty sure I didn’t read all of them in Feb, but in lieu of updating the last post, here are 8 books. I’ll have 8 more for Jan 2021.


Tribes: Seth Godin

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Seth Godin is an amazing writer so you can almost guarantee that a book by him will be good.

Great book for those looking to understand social dynamics and relationships.

Power of meaning: Emily Esfahani

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Great book for those looking to find more purpose and fulfillment in their life. The author defines meaning in pillars. Although I find that there is a bit of a circular definition in general between purpose and meaning, the other pillars are helpful in understanding what’s important to live a life and have a career with fulfillment.


No Ego: Cy Wakeman

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A great book on leadership from a people and no BS perspective. Cy encourages us have our teams take accountability and provides some great insights on how to have those conversations.


Daring Greatly: Brene Brown

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I’ve meant to read this book for a long time and even bought it in paperback. Great book on being vulnerable and its importance. That vulnerability also allows us to dare greatly and be better versions of ourselves!


The book of joy: Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Douglas Abrams

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An insightful book based on the conversations and muses of two great people. It’s amazing how these amazing individuals can be so humble yet so powerful at the same time. Lots of great insights on happiness and joy that will hopefully help us all lead more fulfilled lives.

Moonwalking with Einstein : Joshua Foer 

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Great book for those that want to improve their memories. The story of how a journalist became a memory champion plus a lot of the tips and tricks he used to get there.

Great resource for students and those who love learning. Or just want to improve their memories.

Renaissance Soul: Margaret Lobenstine

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Has echoes of Emily Wapnick’s How to be Everything (only because I read that one first). Lots of good career insights for those that want to do (and can do) everything.

Great for those that are good at many things and have many things they want to achieve in life to provide the Renaissance Soul perspective.

Surrounded by idiots: Thomas Erikson

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For those interest in behavioural and personality assessments, this one goes into DISC. There are colours added to the various types and is a great walkthrough on the model and its application. DISC focuses on people’s behaviours and is one of the simpler assessments (2 dimensions vs Myers-Briggs’ 4, 5 from OCEAN, etc). This is one of the first ones I go through as it’s the easiest to learn and observe.

Great for those looking to interact better with others and who want to learn more about DISC.