SIWIKE Tools: Pre-write your resume

Pre-writing your resume is quite a simple concept: What do you want to accomplish in the next four months or so?

Generally, we use a time frame of four months as that’s enough amount of time to accomplish something somewhat meaningful. And as the stool is especially useful for co-op and internship program students, then four months aligns well with those programs. 

Pre-writing your resume is most helpful for those just starting out a new job, for those in co-op and internship programs, or those looking for the next stage of promotion. It doesn’t necessarily work as well for those on the job hunt and not currently working, however, you might still want to think about what experiences are gaps in your resume and see if you can find any volunteer or other opportunities to fulfil them.

When thinking about what to pre-write, think about what would help set you up for your next opportunity. If you are on an internship then what would help you to get the next, better internship? If you’re looking for full-time after graduation, what might be necessary for you to have achieved before you graduate? If you’re looking for a promotion, what what you need to have accomplished to demonstrate readiness for that promotion?

Take a look at job postings for other or higher-level positions that you would consider as your next opportunity to find sample responsibilities as samples of what you might want to pre-write. 

Once you’ve pre-written your resume you would want to have conversations with your leadership and management team to see if they have opportunities that could help you obtain your pre-written goals. NOTE:  you probably should not bring that pre-written resume with you. Just speak to them as speaking about them as talking points or summarize in an email or another document.

By being proactive about your activities and achievements over the next few months then you will set yourself up for future success. Versus just waiting until the end of the term and writing whatever it is that you just did.

You can extend the timeframe beyond four months as well! Or have multiple bullets as goals for multiple time frames. 

You should consider pre-writing your resume for volunteer opportunities and even for school!

Have fun and plan for your awesome career success!