SIWIKE – Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier

I use the term SIWIKE often, and I’ve just come to realize that I have not specifically explained it on the blog. I’ve referred to it multiple times, and at least expanded the acronym, but I thought I’d spend a bit more time speaking about it.

SIWIKETM stands for Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier – that information that you know now, that if you only knew yesterday, a year ago, five years ago, would have totally altered the trajectory of your career. For some people, it could be as simple as a keyboard shortcut that could have eliminated hours in front of the computer. While for others, it is a profound change in perspective that catalyzes them into the next level of their career.

How did SIWIKE come to be?

Many people I mentored would often ask questions like: what are three things that you would tell a younger version of you? or what did you wish you know before that you know now? To explain what I did, I was toying around with making “stuff I didn’t know I needed to know” easier to remember. But SIDKINTK didn’t quite roll of the tongue. SIWIKE was briefly SYWYKE (Stuff You Wish You Knew Earlier). But I wanted it to be more empowering and for someone to take ownership of the information, not just as knowledge, but to also be the precursor to action. As Napolean Hill said (author of Think and Grow Rich) “Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end”.

 Where can I find SIWIKE?

My view of the best place to find SIWIKE is through a mentor. And essentially, that’s all a mentor does: they share their SIWIKE. Take a look at the Find Mentors post for more details on finding a mentor.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions:

  • How do you pronounce SIWIKE?
    • Some pronounce it as 2 syllables to rhyme with the shoe company NIKE. I pronounce it almost eliminating the first I as if you were rhyming it with BIKE. Since I invented it, then I guess I get to determine how it’s pronounced.
  • It is actually trademarked?
    • Yup. It’s going through the paperwork right now and hopefully will become a registered trademark shortly. I’m happy to have it used broadly, so feel free to email us at


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