BOOK 2019: The Memory Palace: Lewis Smile


A short book that takes you through the concepts of a memory palace and a few practical examples of how to build and go through one.

The book is short and you’ll learn the titles of all of Shakespeare’s works, and those of Charles Dickens. While those two aren’t necessarily practical for you, the concepts can be applied to pretty much any other list of things you need to know.

Why I decided to read it

One of my ambitions is to create a school or some sort of learning institute. And from what I’ve researched, all learning starts with memory. I wanted to get more familiar with learning techniques and for some reason, this book compelled me to get it. I think I heard about it from a podcast, and perhaps it was the length that compelled me, or perhaps because it had a good value for its download price. In any case, it was worth the read. Took me under an hour and now I have retained the title of Shakespeare’s works. Now I’ll have to figure out how when I’ll ever need to know them… 

There may be better memory books out there, and at the end of the day, the concepts are mostly the same. You just need to take the time to implement them into your daily practice.

Who should read it

Students for sure.

Anyone looking to learn better. Which really should be everyone.

Memorable highlights for me

I was pleasantly surprised at how easily I was able to learn the titles all of Shakespeare’s 37 works forward and backward in about 30 minutes. What was helpful for me, was going through the narrative of the memory palace and sitting there to do the visualization and set it up in my memory. Basically forced practice.

Next time you see me, you can ask me what they are and see if it sticks!

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