Your Future Is Your Own

Have you read the book SIWIKE? Here’s some important messages from the intro:

In my culture, you’re expected to get a degree to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer or accountant; anything else is looked down upon. The truth is, your future is your own, and others’ expectations do not matter. Investments in your personal and professional development compound just like they do for money. When you invest in external things, they can be taken away, but investing in yourself will stay with you. I suggest starting with an hour each week of non-negotiable time where your purpose is to research, read, connect and reflect on self improvement. The days when a degree meant a job on graduation are long gone.  Your degree does not determine your career and you have many options that can be explored. By looking at your programs alumni, you can see all the different paths they pursued. Through volunteering and internships, you can discover what you excel at and enjoy. Side projects can be beneficial as well to test out your skills. Through time management and self discovery you will set yourself up for success.

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