Title Card - Choosing Your Priorities

Choosing Your Priorities

Sometimes you have to make a choice between one thing or another and it can mean that some things get sidelined. It’s a completely normal part of life that is just the way it has to be; there are just too few hours in the day to fit everything that you need to accomplish. Being able to choose what you do now and what you do later is a critical part of life and how you live it, and can mean the difference between success or fulfillment and getting buried under the weight of your responsibilities. The flipside to this, of course, is the fact that when you do have to make a choice between one thing or another, you should determine if your previous choices forced you into the situation in the first place. If so, was there something that you did before that you can do differently for the future.

For the observant reader of the Focus Inspired blog, one might notice that my installments come out once a week every Sunday, and has mostly remained that way over the last year with a few exceptions. I would frequently have at least two blogs ready to go, as the Focus Inspired blog platform allows me to schedule blogs in advance and have them set for automatic posting. I don’t usually like to get too ahead of myself, because I do generally like to have the option of keeping my posts topical if there is something burning I want to get out in a given week, but I am generally pretty good at keeping something ready to go at any given time. At the time of this blog, it is the Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, which amounts to much more time spent with family and plenty to prepare and do. On top of this, my grandmother is currently in the hospital, which meant my assistance with other tasks is needed that much more.

Now, this is not a blog about the excuses as to why my blog didn’t come out on time this week. On the contrary, despite a busy schedule, there is always downtime where you would have an opportunity to complete your project, whatever it is. Planning is critical to determining what needs to be done when, and without it, you get stuck in a position like mine. Instead of griping and complaining about it, I turn it into a learning and growing experience that lets me do better the next time. Family is very important to me, and I have no regrets about spending this weekend with them, it was a wonderful time full of food and good conversation. I will just have to plan better prior to weekends I know are busy and ensure that I use my free time effectively to get things done on time.

On the other hand, it did give me an opportunity to share this learning experience with you in a blog, so I suppose that is something that I can be thankful for!