Constantly Seek Improvement

Here’s some important messages from Chapter 1 of my book:

Each person is different; some need the structure and constant oversight that school provides, while others can learn faster and better without it. Mark Zuckerburg and Bill Gates started off in school and took a leave to pursue something they loved and had a strong vision for. If you don’t know what you want, then school is a good place to start and explore. Furthermore, you can do something on the side to get a taste of entrepreneurship. Challenge yourself to do well in school and be successful in your startup before assessing what to focus more time on. In addition to this, you should constantly strive to improve and add value to the lives of others, to grow your fulfilment bank account. There are many rich people who spend their lives complaining and unhappy because they measured success by the amount of money they made. A good approach is to find what fulfills you and make it valuable for others.

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