My plan to positively impact a billion people

My BHAG “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”. The quote “ shoot for the stars and you might hit the moon“ comes to mind. I’m not sure if I’ll truly hit a billion (I calculated and if I spent 1-second with each of the billion people, it would take me 32-years!), and if I get to 100 million, 10 million, 1 million, hundred thousand or even less that at least I’m making an impact for those people. 

So let’s define what I mean by positively impact. For me positively impact means that the individual person acknowledges that something I said, did cause them to go in the direction of their life where they now are happier or have found more purpose in what they do. I am figuring out how to potentially measure that. I was looking to build a website where someone could actually register and say whether or not I have impacted their lives. I would probably allow influencers and celebrities to create accounts and see how much of an impact that they have had. That could be a nice way for people in the local community to nominate local heroes to show them exactly how much impact they are having. How that would technically work I had some ideas and how to do that but that’s for another post. Even if I do figure out a way to measure that positive impact, at some point I’d have to start counting down towards 1 billion. 

A billion is quite a large number. I calculated that if I spent one second with each person then it would take me 32 years. Which would mean that positive impact could not be one-on-one. I started by doing one on one coaching. So I have only really taken on maybe 10 or 15 clients a year. If I had 10 new coaching clients yearly for 20 years that’s only 20 people. So you can see how long that could take if I only went down that route

I run workshops of which I’ve received many compliments and which I count as demonstrating positive impact. Those workshops are 20 maybe 40 maybe 100 people at a time. I would need a huge number of those workshops to potentially meet that billion. If I ran a 20-person workshop every day for 20 years that would only be 7300 people. Moving up the orders of magnitude but still a small amount. 

I wrote a book which will help me to possibly get to that Mark. So it is not on any bestsellers list yet so there or at most a few hundred people that have been impacted by that. The plan is to write a few more books. Maybe 3 to 7. If I could have lifetime sales for each book to be on some sort of best sellers list (5,000 books sold/read times 7 books) then that might get 35,000). 

I created some online courses which again have received positive impact. And again only counting towards a few hundred. Here is where I think I can achieve most of the skill. The goal is to provide them to schools. Some campuses have tens of thousands of students joining the ranks every year which would allow a much bigger dent to be made in that billion people. So if I were able to get a large university onboard with like 10,000 students annually, then over 20 years that gets us in the 200,000 mark. 

Mentorship: here is where I think I can make the biggest impact. It was a statistic I read that a person impacts 90,000 people throughout their lifetime. So if I can positively impact 90,000 people and intern each of them becomes a mentor and positively impacts 90,000 people, then I’m basically done! Elevating education and weaving mentorship into the fabric of society will be the most important initiatives to help me get there. 

Once I get there, then I can work to train-the-trainers so that I can more accurately gauge that impact. Then work individually with as many people as I can so I know for sure I can make that impact. 

Do you want to be part of the movement to make that kind of impact? Let’s talk!