Title Card - Pet Companionship

Pet Companionship

Anyone who has had or has a pet knows what a big difference they can make in your life. There are many people who note that they felt their lives make a complete turnaround with the introduction of a small (or not so small) creature in their lives. Similarly, they know that feeling of loss and the void when that animal must then move on.

It has been just over a year now since my cat passed away, and it definitely left a void in my own life. She was always a big part of our household, and just having her nearby was always a big comfort for all of us, not just in her being with us, but also in the affection she returned as well. While mostly calm and even-tempered, she did have a few quirks about her where she would sometimes do something crazy or unexpected, but always gentle and kind.

Being our cat for nearly 13 years, the last year has definitely felt very different in comparison. I noticed the lack for my mental health as well, and you don’t really realize just how much your pet helps until they aren’t able to help you anymore. It has been hard on the rest of my family as well, and I am probably one of the lucky ones who is less affected than even my father, but we still all felt her presence in our own ways.

It is only now that we are starting to look again for another kitten, and it is with mixed emotions that we explore this avenue. On the one hand, it feels wrong to be looking for a cat when the memory of our old one is still feeling fairly fresh, and yet, we know that it is probably the best way to move on and introduce that kind of happiness into our lives again.

It’s important to note that your pet will have always wanted you to be happy, and bringing another into your home to give it that love is not an insult on your past pet’s memory. Yes, they were important and they can never be replaced, but it would also be a terrible waste to have years of time where your love could have been given to another. By all means, the time must be right for you, but your pet would definitely not want it any other way.

Trust me. I definitely know the feeling.