My top career growth resources

I am humbled when I’m complemented on the knowledge I have a personal and professional development. That being said, there is still a lot that I don’t know and am figuring out myself. By popular request, here are my go-to resources to learn and grow myself.

Mentors I haven’t yet met

While these mentors  I haven’t yet met may have books and podcasts themselves, I put them in a separate section as they provide a treasure trove of information, much of it free, and have had an important impact on me and my career coaching journey. That doesn’t make those that are in the books and podcasts sections any less important and these are my highlights.

Tony Robbins

Said to be a force of nature and I whole-heartedly agree. I would hear his infomercials plugged on TV when I was growing up and only recently started to consume his content. Talk about SIWIKE. I wondered what I would have been like had I got hold of one of his programs before (though I don’t dwell since that isn’t productive, now is it)

Gary Vaynerchuck

If you haven’t already seen him on social media, he is an extremely inspirational figure whom I very much relate to in terms of legacy. He is on the extreme on the hustle side which turns some people off (admittedly myself initially), and as I really listened to his message, they resonated with my own. I try to share his messages, reflected with my own that seems to change them to make them more digestible by some. While his SIWIKE is not new to him, the way he packages it and most importantly exemplifies it is why he is inspirational to me.

Jerry Colonna

I’ve heard him referred to as the “CEO Whisperer” and thoroughly appreciate his coaching abilities. I like the way he approaches coaching conversations and am enlightened when I consume his content.

Dr. Carol Dweck

Gretchen Rubin


My Top 5 Books

If I had to recommend only 5 book, these would be the top.

I’d be remiss not to plug my own book. I have drawn from many of the other resource and layered my own insights and perspectives.

  1. Luki Danukarjanto: Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier – How to Unlock Your Career Potential
  2. Dr. Carol Dweck: Mindset
  3. Marcus Buckingham: Now Discover Your Strengths
  4. Awaken the Giant Within (not yet reviewed)
  5. #AskGaryVee (not yet reviewed)

My Top 5 Podcasts

    • I found the podcast in late 2016 and to be honest, I really only listened to it on a rare occasion for the social media and marketing advice. For what ever reason, I was compelled early 2017 to listen to more and found alignment in Gary’s messages to my own. He produces a lot of content so I endeavour to listen to more than less to catch up
    • The first podcast I listened to and found it intriguing in the money and economics education it provided.  You don’t have to have a financial background to enjoy either.
    • A late edition to my podcast list and find the learnings and profiles of the companies to be interesting.
    • A must for any start-up founder. I appreciate the insights that Jerry Colonna provides and hope that translate some of his insights to my own career coaching.
    • A staple on my podcast and found that their guidance resonates with my experience. A must for those that want to some good career SIWIKE.

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