Title Card - Keeping A Fun Routine

Keeping A Fun Routine

We’ve said it time and time again here on the FOCUS Inspired blog: you should always have something that allows you to relax, and you should make the time to do so! For some people, they prefer to do something new all the time to keep them relaxed. For others, they will have a cycle of things that they like to do, or they will have a few things that they will like to do consistently every day. Most of us will have a combination of these things.

Let’s talk firstly about the whole point here: having a routine centered around fun and relaxation, at least a little bit each day. Many of us have times when they will be more or less available, usually centered around mealtimes, work, or other common commitments. These commitments may be fun and relaxing to some, like going to the gym or taking a run, or just taking a walk out to the post box. They’re time away from your other work and often times where you can take a moment to relax or think, and it is these moments that we have to seize when we get the opportunity.

Right, so, back to how we relax. When we’re talking about things that are routine, these are things that we feel that we accomplish at some point in the day before the day is out. For me, I have a few mobile puzzle applications that feed me a new puzzle each day, and I know if I have missed a day by the fact that I lose the in-app streak. It’s a good way to get the daily dopamine while keeping your brain sharp, and I appreciate the challenge each day, only requiring between two and ten minutes of my time. One such puzzle, I have kept the streak alive for over three years so far! Routines don’t have to be daily either, I have come into the habit of writing one blog a week here on FOCUS Inspired!

Alright, what about having a cycle of things to do? For me, this could include a different type of game that takes a little longer to complete, or reading a book, or even writing a story of my own. Each of these things I can pick up when I have a spare moment, depending on my mood. Naturally, not everything can be a routine, burnout is definitely a real thing that makes your activity unenjoyable very quickly, turning it into a chore. That’s why I usually suggest that anything that you develop into a routine should be something you can accomplish reasonably quickly with some effort, as this type of thing will feel like a chore to you, especially when you have to commit a large amount of time to something each day and you may not afford that time all the time.

Of course, not everything has to be (nor should it be!) a routine, and you can always try something new. Go out with friends, explore on your own, or just be curious and try something you’ve never done before. It’s always great to try new things, and before you know it, you might find something to add to your rotation of things to pick up when you’re interested!

What are some of the things you like to do when you have a spare minute…or hour?